Area of practice


legal assistance in the area of incorporation and corporate management of companies
preparation and implementation of corporate changes, including reorganizations, mergers, takeovers and divisions
preparation and implementation of M&A and takeover transactions, including the legal due diligence of the target company and legal assistance in negotiations, harmonization and conclusion of necessary transaction documents, representation and counselling in the procedure of assessing concentration
legal assistance in the preparation and implementation of liquidation proceedings, legal counselling in relation to specific pre-bankruptcy and bankruptcy matters
preparation of contractual and other documents and legal counselling in the area of a company’s specific activity


legal counselling of lenders and borrowers (bilateral and syndicated loans), including preparation of contractual documents
project and acquisition financing
structured financing
debt refinancing and debt trading (Loan Market Association standard documentation and other)
perfection of security (mortgage, fiduciary transfer, assets and rights pledge, floating charge)
daily legal support in providing basic and additional financial services


advising issuers and agents at public offerings of equity and debt securities and their listing on the regulated market
drafting information memorandums and/or prospectuses for issuing and/or listing of securities
advising issuers on capital market regulatory compliance
legal representation before regulators


representation in civil and noncontentious proceedings
representation in international and domestic arbitration proceedings
representation in debt collection process
representation in administrative disputes


counselling clients in labour law and occupational safety law in their daily operations
preparation of internal documents and decisions of employers (labour by-laws, organization and systematization by-laws, decisions on terminating employment agreements)
preparation of employment agreements and managerial agreements
counselling and participation in restructuring and reorganization procedures, and determining collective redundancy
participation in collective bargaining procedures for concluding and making amendments to collective agreements
representation in individual and collective labour disputes
counselling employers related to ESOP implementation
representing employers before competent bodies in procedures of obtaining residence and work permits, inspection supervisions and misdemeanour proceedings


legal counselling related to intellectual property rights (copyright and trademark right)
legal assistance and representation in the procedure of national and international trademark registration
preparing contracts in the area of intellectual property rights (including contracts on the transfer of rights, license of IPR, establishing liens)
representation in court proceedings deciding on intellectual property rights


representation and counselling in the procedure of awarding concession, representation and counselling related to obligation to file and/or register into prescribed media registers
legal assistance related to the application of media law in practice, including preparation and review of contractual documents
counselling related to the application of the competition law in media industry
protection of rights to freedom of the media before competent courts


preparation and implementation of legal due diligence of real estate
preparation of documents and counselling related to the acquisition and management of real estate, including lease, construction rights, real estate management
acquisition of real estate in court proceedings (bankruptcy, enforcement)


legal counselling and preparation of IT contracts, including joint investments in IT systems on revenue share principles
legal counselling in the procedure of outsourcing information services
legal counselling and representation in all segments of providing telecommunication and information services, including service level


legal counselling of creditors and debtors in restructuring procedures
representing creditors in pre-bankruptcy and bankruptcy proceedings
representing debtors in pre-bankruptcy proceedings
preparation of restructuring plan
reorganization in bankruptcy


legal counselling of road and railway infrastructure operators
preparation of concession agreements
preparation of construction agreements
legal counselling in public procurement procedures